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Take bursts of screenshots automatically


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Automatic Screen Capture is an effective software that takes screenshots of your desktop one at a time as well as in burst mode, just like a camera.

The program is very useful if you need to take several screenshots of one process that you perform on the computer over and over again. Since they are created automatically, you can choose which is the best or which fits what you want to show. Besides this, if you want to monitor your PC when you are not there, Automatic Screen Capture is perfect for you.

What stands out about this program is that you can select how frequently it will take the screenshots as well as the total amount. You can also press the stop button to end the process if you need to.

The images are formatted in JPEG by default, but you can change it to PNG, BMP, and GIF. The size will depend on your screen resolution.

The screenshots will be saved in the Automatic Screen Capture folder, which you can access from the program by clicking on the Screenshots Folder icon.